Force Analysis

Force Analysis

Practical, Scientific Method Proves:

  • Movement of the body (animation)
  • G-Forces acting upon the occupant(s)
  • Whether an injury could have resulted from the collision

Science-Based Force Analysis

Most collisions involve minimal to moderate force. Injuries are typically claimed for conditions that preceded the collision.

Most applicable to collisions such as lane change (side swipe), rear end, and backing.

To effectively put a “lid’ on the build-up of treatment we recommend a scientific report and animation be presented that proves claimed medical conditions as unrelated, that the forces imparted onto the Occupant(s) were insufficient to cause injury.

  • Disprove injuries from Low-Speed collisions
  • Scientific calculation to verify force imparted onto occupant(s)
  • Analysis includes Animation; a visual model of the occupant’s motion
  • Analysis of the forces, torques, and accelerations for the head, neck, thorax, and lumbar areas
  • Recommended to be performed early in the life of the claim to thwart disassociated injury claims but can be developed at any point in your case.







Sample Side Impact

Sample Rear Impact

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