Primacy has created a new service to vastly improve the service and the outcomes from claims.

Do you have a crystal ball? We place a significant emphasis on immediate investigation since no one can predict the type of claims that may be presented, even in clear no-liability cases.

Experienced in trucking Risk and Claim Management from minor Property Damage claims through to Litigation

Core Team

  • John Liberatore
  • Bryan Liberatore
  • Daniel Liberatore
  • Danny Crasto
  • Joe Goske
  • Joe Latas
  • Bob Henderson
  • Ben Tercek
  • Lisa Steele
  • Andrew Kozlowski
  • David Taylor
  • Kwami Adoboe-Herrera
  • Tomas Amaya
  • Jorge Orellana
  • Brent Souliere
  • Sarah Steele
  • Dan Morris
  • Taylor Long
  • Matthew Liberatore


  • Responsiveness
  • Esprit de Corps
  • Integrity & Passion
  • Unprecedented

Customer Testimonials

“Please be advised I am busy with a lot of claims and the Primacy folks assist me in getting early, detailed
recorded statements from Claimants, Witnesses and Insured’s. They get after the facts earlier than any service
since they work round the clock.”

“They jump on assignments immediately, are highly responsive and really think on their feet gathering
information quickly for my benefit.”

“I recommend them if you want to accelerate your investigations.”

“Fair, flat-fee pricing.”

“Their urgency has helped me resolve claims much quicker with great savings to my clients.”

“This why I use you folks; great follow up. Fantastic.”

“The folks at Primacy do a great job of obtaining valuable information…..quickly.”

“Their response time relative to tracking down truck drivers and other parties to accidents is almost
immediate. I utilize Primacy’s services whenever I want to obtain detailed information in a hurry.”

“Our organization has utilized the services of Primacy for over two years. I solicit their assistance quite
frequently and am always impressed not only by the timeliness of their reports, but with the exceptional
detail and substance of their work product. Their ability to track down hard-to-reach parties and secure their
statements is unmatched. Additionally, they frequently provide additional materials such as aerial views of
the accident scene, comments from police, etc., that are very helpful in making informed liability
determinations. I consider Primacy to be one of the most valuable and cost-effective tools at my disposal
in the handling of both first and third-party claims.”