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"The level of insurance premium savings we realized would not have been possible without the benefit of your consulting services."

Alfred Bartolotta - Co-Owner, George Hildebrandt, Inc.

How We Impact Workers' Compensation

Workers Compensation

  • No one has a crystal ball! Injuries involving the head, neck, shoulder and back have significant potential and must be managed immediately. Busy Adjusters and an aging workforce require greater scrutiny of every Lost Time Injury.
  • Our process is one of swift, thorough investigations to fully understand the mechanism of injury and causation. Our Nurse Case Managers benefit from our Investigation to first understand what is being claimed and then aggressively manage the medical.
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How We Impact Auto Liability

reducing trucking accident claims

  • "Death by a Thousand Cuts" is how we refer to minor collisions that turn into settlements of $20,000 and greater! These type of accidents do not garner much attention Day One yet the occupants take advantage by requesting an ambulance from the scene or walking into an* "Emergency Room"*.
  • Immediate in our world means now, 24x7, to gather the information necessary to challenge claimed injuries since we can in many cases prove that the impact was insufficient to cause injury *(FMVSS; Sect. 208).*<

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How We Perform Investigations

risk management videos

Speed! We are focused on providing the quickest and most efficient investigation possible to increase the odds that all relevant information is captured and preserved.

We specialize in Digital, Recorded Statements and Low Speed Collisions where injuries are claimed.

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Our Risk Management Approach

risk management videos

The Bigger Picture. Safety-Operations-Claims & Litigation. Simultaneously driving down Auto and Workers' Compensation frequency and severity.

When you outsource your Risk Management to Primacy we insure that every Auto and WC claim will be aggressively managed. We quickly locate the cost drivers and trends that are eating at your profits and driving up your insurance costs.

WHAT CAN BE DIFFERENT? Our approach is one that maintains control of all exposures compared to a traditional insurance approach. We are only too happy to share our results with you!

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